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Members Work


The society, in conjunction with the local County Borough Councils "clean up your neighbourhood campaign "held a litter pick on Sunday 1st April 2007. (Photos 1 to 3)

Nineteen volunteers attended the litter pick and managed to fill twenty eight bags in two hours.

Our thanks to every one on a great effort, the money raised was donated to the Hospice of the Valleys appeal.


On Saturday 23rd May 2009, a litter pick of the Woodlands took place, as part of the 'Tidy Towns' community project.

Pictured (Photo 4) below are Society directors Rex Herbert, Graham Hughes and Roy Lynch taking a well-earned rest after their efforts.

Since then, several litter bins have been installed around the site and are emptied every week, also several members walk the site picking up litter on a regular basis.


On Saturday 21st February 2009  directors Des Markey and Roy Lynch repaired a damaged bench in a spot popular with visitors to the site, overlooking both of the large ponds - photographs below.


On Saturday 30th May 2009, Des Markey and Roy Lynch carried out repairs on a damaged bench at the top of the site near the Dragonfly gate. They were accompanied by Alfie Griffiths, who lived near the woodlands site and also a keen Society member.


Following advice from Vaughan Lewis of Coed Cymru, who is the project manager of the Woodlands site, a start was made on managing some of the scrub/ trees in the area near the Bridge. This area is a heathland - scarce in this area, but vital for wildlife.

Those taking part in this  exercise were Roy Lynch, Eric Smith, Gordon Williams, Steven Penny, Lionel & Richard Griffiths, Des & Adrian Markey.


Several society directors and members spent the morning in the woodlands constructing a hibernaculum, which provides a shelter for hibernating animals. They also carried out some necessary tree pruning.


On Saturday 19th March,  Society directors under the supervision of Gwynfor Evans and his team from Green Earth Wales partly constructed a path and handrail leading to the bridge at the western edge of the Upper Boat Pond.

On Saturday 26th March they returned to complete the job - the handrail was finished off, steps were built in the pathway and a finish was added to the rough path. Some other maintenance work was also carried out. The team of directors led by Roy Lynch were Des Markey, Eric Smith and Gordon Williams.

The Society would like to extend a big thank you to Gwynfor and his team.


Following last weeks step building, Gwynfor Evans returned to the site to plant 120 bare-root 'tree whips' to create a hedgerow near the bridge. The native species hedgerow will be approximately 24 metres long. The value of the tree whips was about £240:00p and were kindly donated by Green Earth Wales.

The photograph shows Roy Lynch and Des Markey planting the hedgrerow.



 Gwynfor runs a social enterprise called Green Earth. It was set up after people had been unable to get advice, been given poor advice or did not know how to start a project at all. Green Earth tries to help every group and cares about the group and not the budget. Gwynfor would like to leave a lasting legacy to deliver projects that are worthwhile, value for money and brilliant for the community. In 2009 he was given a special recognition award at the B.G.C.B.C Annual Environmental Awards.


 On Monday 15th August several of our directors, led by Roy Lynch, took part in a willow weaving course, they were instructed by  Rhys Harris, who has his own company - R M Harris Environmental Arts.The funding for the willow and the training  came from  B.G.C.B.C - aimed specifically for local nature reserves.

Also attending the course, was a teaching colleague of Roys' from Cardiff - Tim Jones, who was accompanied by his son Ellis, they are pictured below with one of the completed panels, which are going to be used in the Woodlands as bird hides.

Some of the panels need to be finished off, but more importantly, install the ones that had been made.  


On Saturday October 8th, Roy Lynch accompanied by society members John Hillier, Rob Smith, Des and Adrian Markey, took the willow panels to the north west bank of the Lower Boat Pond and constructed the bottom sections of a bird hide.  The following  Saturday, the top sections were added. It is planned to construct seating behind the hide in the near future.

On Saturday November 12th, Roy Lynch, Des Markey, John Hillier and Gordon Williams completed the construction of the bird hide and the construction of the benches.

All who took part in the construction of the bird hide had a great feeling of achievement with the final result, John Hillier  suggestedthat we could construct a willow canopy so it blends in with the environment

The Society extends a big thank you to all those involved with the work - the final result is very impressive.

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