Aerial Views

NOVEMBER 2014    

Some excellent aerial photos were taken of the Woodlands site, using a Phantom Vision 2  RC quadcopter ( it has a camera fixed underneath that takes 14 megapixel photos and also shoots HD video).

The photos were taken by Bill Hillier and he has given his permission for them to be published on this website,  to view more of his work, please visit his  "Wales from above website, by clicking on the following link.


The aerial photos below are a selection of aerial and ground photos taken by Gwyn Jenkins on a recent visit to the Woodlands, to view the complete set of photos, please click on the first Facebook logo.


Gwyn has visited many areas in South Wales and taken sets of photos, to view his excellent work, please

visit "Gwyn's Now and Then Aerial Photos" Facebook page, by clicking on the second Facebook logo

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AUGUST 2018 

Stunning quality drone photos of the Ponds & Woodlands and the surrounding area - Copyright of Richard Whitcombe,  and permission was given for them to be displayed on this website, on condition there would be no commercial use.

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