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Site Enhancement 2013 - Page 1.


As part of the second phase of improvements to the 'Green Spaces' along the Ebbw Fach Trail, reed cutting has taken place on the Upper Boat Pond. The photograph to the left, taken in July 2012, shows the extent of the reed 'invasion' into the pond, and on a bitterly cold February morning, an operator from Aquaclear Water Management arrived with a Truxor Harvester and for several hours to remove the excessive reed growth.

Our thanks to John Hillier for capturing the photographs below, in very uncomfortable weather conditions, there is also a link to the photographs displayed on Johns' Woodlands Facebook page and to the Aquaclear website for detailed information on the work they do.

Upper Pond Reeds July 2012

Upper Boat Pond July 2012 showing reed invasion.

                                                                               JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 - ENTRANCE GATES REPAINTED

The site entrance gates which were installed in 2007, were in need of repainting, and Afan Landscapes came on site in January to begin this work.


                                                                                Link to Afan Landscapes website

The Blaen Cendl Entrance after repainting and the heather border has also been replanted.

The gates at the Top

of Little Lane after repainting.

The gates at Highlands

Road Entrance after


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