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Development of the Woodlands Site - Page 4 of 4 (Our Partners)


The Information Panel at the Butterfly Pond was manufactured by Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design and Publishing Ltd, who have a regional office at Blaenavon.                                                 There is a link to their website on our LINKS page. The photograph below, show the panel being erected by several society mambers in March 2010.


August 2010 - A log circle was constructed in the conifer copse,which is situated west of the upper Boat Pond, as part of an outdoor classroom for schoolchidren. his was achieved via a grant from 'Groundwork in Wales' who also carried out the work. Groundwork in Wales is a leading environmental regeneration charity making sustainable development a reality in communities in need of investment and support. - There is a link to their website on our LINKS page.


November 2008 - Keep Wales Tidy provided a a grant for tools, safety equipment and litter picking equipment, which have been used by members of the Society.They also donated three oak benches which were installed on the site by members under the supervision of Tom Richards from Keep Wales Tidy. There is a link to their website on our LINKS page.

              GREEN EARTH

May 2010 - Green Earth Wales provided  a further four Oak Benches and these were also installed by our members under the supervision of Gwynfor Evans and his team from Green Earth -   There is a link to their website on our LINKS page.


In March 2009, two sculptures were erected, these were made by John James who is a society member and also  a local resident.

The first sculpture is located at the Chandlers Road Entrance, and John  describes this sculpture as :-  "New life, the entomology of the young of an insect with incomplete  metamorphosis. "  

The second sculpture is situated on the banks of the Lower Boat Pond, and John  describes this sculpture as :- "Role reversal -  a fish catching a bird !"

A third sculpture was erected near the Upper Boat Pond in March 2012.

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