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News & Events 2018

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On Thursday 22nd of February we  continued to manage the heathland as part of our management plan. Our aim was to remove more of the trees that overshadow the heathland, cut back much of the brambles and chip the material to use on our popular woodland pathways.


On Saturday 6th January we braved the cold and the snow to continue managing the heathland compartment. Once cleared we will use the brush-cutters to remove much of the encroaching brambles, then chip the coppiced material to use on our pathways.


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JUNE 2018

The photos below show that all the hard work in the heathland management and regular mowing of the grass, has created attractive pathways and seating areas from the Highlands Road Entrance and around the Upper Boat Pond.

Many thanks to the teenagers who had their party here last night that did not take their rubbish home with them. I am also disappointed to see the damage they had done to the trees to fuel their fire. The tree that the bark was stripped off will ultimately die, it has been here for many decades : I have also seen a video and photographs of the teenagers here last night, I am thankful that none was seriously burned as they jumped through a very large fire! The fire was so hot it had cracked every stone that was sounding it, but was also still burning at 11:00 this morning. I am also thankful that the woodlands had not caught fire; we have had a very dry couple of weeks and the outcome could have been very different. This woodland floor is many inches thick of carboniferous materials and would have smouldered for many days dangerously if I hadn't cleaned the area this morning (still needs to be monitored). We have respected teenagers freedom to enjoy activities in the woodlands and in return they have respected the area, sadly in this case not. Please share so that every parent can see the damage but more importantly the risk to their children.


SUNDAY 16th JUNE 2018

The photos and the text below, were taken from the Ponds & Woodlands Facebook page.

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