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Beaufort Hill

Ponds & Woodlands

A Local Nature Reserve &

Community Green Flag Award Winner

Green Flag

Society Directors 2016


Rex Herbert MBE     -   Honorary President                             Miss Sally Morgan

John Hillier                 -   Secretary                                                  Derek Dibble

David White              -   Chairman                                                  Des Markey

Eric Smith                   -   Vice Chairman                                        Godfrey Thomas

Roy Lynch                  -    Treasurer                                                 Gordon Williams

Robert Smith            -    Minutes Secretary

Jeff Williams              -    Website Editor


Please Note :-We currently have vacancies for two directors, and if                       anyone is interested in becoming a director of the society, please contact us.

Become a member - How to join or upgrade your membership


We are actively looking for members new, and existing, to help support our work, financially and/or actively.

We are also looking for new committee members who can support and participate in leading our many projects.

If you would like to become a member and/or support the Society by subscribing, then please complete the second page of the Membership Application Form.


The cost of membership is:

• £1.00 per adult

• £0.50 per child (under 18)


Subscription rates are:

• £5.00 per annum Individual membership

• £7.00 per annum Family membership

Members will receive regular newsletters and access to our exclusive member offers whilst helping to support The Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands.


To download a membership form, please click on the following link.

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