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History of the Ponds

Ponds Map 1888

                                                                Ordnance Survey Map of 1888.

The map was obtained from the Ebbw Vale Works Archival Trust and shows the Upper and Lower Boat Ponds and Parfitts Pond (left)

Parfitts Pond was drained and filled in circa 1980, as part of the Beaufort North land reclamation scheme.

                                                     1929 Aerial Photograph of Woodlands .

This was taken from the 'Britain From Above' website - link below.

The ponds were partly drained when the photgraph was taken, and Parfitts Pond can be seen in the top left hand corner.

The airshaft from an old coal mine, can be clearly seen, marked A.

It is also marked on the 1888 map.

Britain From Above Back to 'Location' Page Ponds 1929

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Two ponds are adjacent to the woodland area, these ponds are linked to the early days of the industrial revolution.  The map above, dated 1888 shows the existence of the ponds which were built to supply water down to the Nantyglo Ironworks approximately 2 miles distant, the ironworks were built in 1780.  After the closure of the Nantyglo Ironworks, water was diverted  to supply a new works being built in Ebbw Vale.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

In 1937,when the new Richard Thomas and Baldwins Steelworks opened in Ebbw Vale, a new  reservoir was constructed at  nearby Blaen-Y- Cwm and the ponds were kept full by water being released from this reservoir.

Since the closure of the Corus Steelworks at Ebbw Vale in 2002, the reservoir has  been acquired by Welsh Water and the ponds now rely entirely on their own small water catchment area.  

The Ebbw Vale Works Archival Trust recently published a book entitled - " Ebbw Vale The Works" and a chapter of the book was dedicated to the Works Water Resources and shows the importance of having large water supplies in running the works.

Sections of this chapter have been reproduced in a downloadable PDF , including maps of ponds in the Beaufort area.        


To view the document, please click on the following link.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

E.V Works Water Supplies

The photographs below, show the Upper and Lower Boat Ponds in 1985, when they had been drained, note the lack of trees compared to today. These photographs were supplied by Society Member Mrs Margaret Penny.

The wide angle photographs below, were taken in August and September 2013.

The ponds in recent years.

The Lower Boat Pond in early July 2015