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Award-winning green spaces revealed

Beaufort Woodlands achieves coveted Green Flag Community Award


Keep Wales Tidy has unveiled this year’s Green Flag Award winners – the

international mark of a quality park or green space.  

In total, 101 community managed green spaces in Wales have met the high standard

needed to receive the prestigious Green Flag Community Award (83 in 2016/17).

The flag will be flying at Beaufort Woodlands in recognition of its excellent facilities and

commitment to delivering great quality green space.


Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands Preservation Society are extremely proud to earn the right to fly the Green Flag

Community Award at Beaufort Woodlands in recognition of their excellent facilities and commitment to delivering great quality

green space.Following the Community Green Flag Award in 2016/17 we have been extremely lucky to continue to attract interest and

support from a breadth of volunteers wishing to support our aims. These volunteers undertook a variety of practical activities including:

managing scrub area and woodlandstogether with the support from young learners at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community; an engaging

programme that ran for two years to provide them with valuable employability skills. We also continued to be supported by

Gwent Wildlife Trust with many management activities.


John Hillier, Company Secretary / Director - Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands Preservation Society commented:

“Our pledge this year in the project plan was to continue providing Educational & Leisure facilities for the community. This year we have been very fortunate again to have had the support of Ebbw Fawr Learning Community; a group of young learners ready to develop their skills and help manage our woodlands. They have helped us continue our work from 2016 by providing valuable support with our management plan for the woodlands. Through these identified management activities, the skills and abilities of the volunteers within the community group will strengthen. Not only that skills will be developed within the group the training opportunities for the dedicated volunteers promotes the sharing of knowledge and will generate mutual support. Through demonstrating and sharing this practice we will able to encourage teamwork through motivation, example and community reward, strengthening our community group and generating further interest.”


Please Note;- Our near neighbours and fellow Ebbw Fach Trail Green Spaces at Parc Nant-y-Waun and Trevor Rowson Park, were again successful in gaining the award.


To learn more about the Green Flag Awards and a list of the parks in Wales, plase click on the link.


To download a PDF file of the Press Release of the award, please click HERE

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The Green Flag Award for 2017/2018

On Thursday 24th August, we were presented with the Green Flag, by Sally Morgan of Keep Wales Tidy,    who is also a Society director.

Pictured with the flag are; -

John James, John Hillier, Marilyn James, Eric Smith & Des Markey