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Beaufort Hill

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Community Green Flag Award Winner

Green Flag

Awarded for six consecutive years

Society Awards - Keep Wales Tidy Green Flag Community Award

Dear all,

I am very pleased to announce that we have been once again successful with our Green Flag Community Award application for 2018-19. It’s been over 10 years since the society was formed, with the aim of preserving the ponds and surrounding area after the closure of the Ebbw Vale steelworks and therefore what a celebration it shall be. On behalf of Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands Preservation Society I wish to thank everyone who has supported us once again over the past year. I hope that our partnerships will continue to support and develop our “Green Borough” and for the greater good and well-being of all, well done everyone.


Cofion - Best wishes,


John Hiller



Award-winning green spaces revealed

Beaufort Woodlands achieves coveted Green Flag Community Award


Keep Wales Tidy has unveiled this year’s Green Flag Award winners – the international mark of a quality park or green space.

In total, 112 community managed green spaces in Wales have met the high standard needed to receive the prestigious Green Flag Community Award (101 in 2017/18). These sites rely on volunteers to maintain their excellent facilities.

The flag will be flying at Beaufort Woodlands in recognition of its excellent facilities and commitment to delivering great quality green space.

Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands Preservation Society are extremely proud to earn the right to fly the Green Flag Community Award at Beaufort Woodlands in recognition of their excellent facilities and commitment to delivering great quality green space.

Following the Community Green Flag Award in 2017/18 we have been extremely lucky to continue to attract interest and support from a breadth of volunteers wishing to support our aims. These volunteers undertook a variety of practical activities including: managing scrub area and woodlands.

Photography of flora and fauna found within the park are displayed on our website, of which volunteers continually update website and social media sites.

Some examples of the activities that took place during this period can be viewed on this website, also at


Facebook :-  www.facebook.com/BeaufortHillPondsWoodlands


Twitter - : @BeaufortWood


John Hillier, Company Secretary / Director - Beaufort Hill Ponds & Woodlands Preservation Society commented:

“Our pledge this year in the project plan was to continue to manage our woodlands and to preserve and protect the heathland. Volunteers helped us continue our work from 2017 by providing valuable support with our management plan for the woodlands. Through these identified management activities, the skills and abilities of the volunteers within the community group had strengthened. Not only that skills will be developed within the group the training opportunities for the dedicated volunteers promotes the sharing of knowledge and will generate mutual support. Through demonstrating and sharing this practice we will able to encourage teamwork through motivation, example and community reward, strengthening our community group and generating further interest.”


The Green Flag Award programme is delivered in Wales by environmental charity, Keep Wales Tidy, with support from Welsh Government. It is judged by green space experts, who volunteer their time to visit applicant sites and assess them against eight strict criteria, including horticultural standards, cleanliness, environmental management and community involvement.


Lucy Prisk, Green Flag Coordinator at Keep Wales Tidy said:

“We’re delighted to be celebrating another record-breaking year for the Green Flag Awards in Wales. All the flags flying at community sites are a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of local volunteers who work tirelessly to raise the standard of our green spaces.                                                                                    I’d encourage everyone to get outdoors this summer and enjoy the fantastic facilities we have on our doorstep.”


A full list of award winners can be found on the Keep Wales Tidy website :- www.keepwalestidy.cymru/greenflag


You can put your park or green space on the map by getting involved too. Visit the Keep Wales Tidy website  :- www.keepwalestidy.cymru 


for more information. Green Flag for Parks - Wales / Gwobr y Faner Werdd i Barciau - Cymru and Keep Wales Tidy - Cadwch Gymru'n Daclus

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Last years Green Flag Award

On Thursday 24th August 2017, we were presented with the Green Flag, by Sally Morgan of Keep Wales Tidy,  who is also a Society director.

Pictured with the flag are; -

John James, John Hillier, Marilyn James, Eric Smith & Des Markey

Green Flag






Visitors comments taken from our Facebook page

Donna Jones - This award is so well deserved. The most pleasant and well kept ponds I have ever walked.

Rhian Tyrill  - Fantastic achievement once again ... the place is a credit to everyone who helps out and volunteers. A special credit to Jonny Hillier for all his hard    work too ... we’re lucky to have local residents who take such a pride in the area ... well done all

Georgina Seed - Congratulations all, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.

Alyson Tippings - Great news and a tribute to all the work of an amazing group of volunteers. Well done everyone x

Hayley Birch  - Fantastic well done

Dave Probert  - Well done all

Melanie Williams - Well done all

Cheryl Hillier - Well done

Michele Thomas - Well done

Green Flags for Wales - Parks - Congratulations to everyone  involved at  Beaufort Hill Ponds and Woodlands - an amazing achievement by an amazing group - enjoy celebrating

Green Flag